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  • Do you ship to my country?

    We will ship your order from Netherland to the European Union.

    We do not ship to USA.

  • Is it really free ?
    Yes ! we will send your seeds free of charge, you simply pay the cost of postage and payment processing if you choose to pay by card or bank transferm crypto curency payment are free.
  • Why is there a fee for card and bank transfer payment ?
    First of all please bear in mind that cryptocurency payments are totally free. For bank transfer and card payment, unfortunatly there is a fee, why? providing free cannabis seeds is considered as a "high risk" activity, banks and card processors charge us a special (high) fee, for that. You assume the cost of payment processing if you choose those payment methods. we strongly encourage you to get informed about how to use cryptocurencies to avoid paying those processing fees.
  • I represent a Seedbank / Breeder and i want to help the cause.
    If you want to support us, use the contact form and let's discuss.
  • I love your project and i want to support you.
    If you are a Breeder or Seedbank you can help the project by giving away some of your top quality seeds, we will distribute them through our website. If you are a regular fan, then you can support the project by making a donation, we will use it to maintain the website or other overhead cost.
  • How do i know you are legit ?
    Easy ! just google our name, we have been arround since 2013.
  • Why your domain seeds4free.com is not responding ?
    Well this is embarasing... Long story short, we did not renew the domain seeds4free.com on time, and someone else catched it, we now operate under seeds4free.net
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