Just Seeds - Amnesia Haze [FEM]

Just Seeds - Amnesia Haze [FEM]

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Type: Feminised
Genetics: South Asian x Jamaican Landrace
Phenotype: 90% SATIVA – 10% INDICA
THC: 25% CBD: N/A

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The introduction of Haze genetics to Europe (from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Jamaica) led to multiple hybrids being developed by crossing the different strains. An American living in Holland then took one of these Haze hybrids and crossed it with a male derived from Old School Haze. To make the final product, Amnesia Haze, an Afghani-Hawaiian cross was added. This strain has won multiple cannabis cups, and our Feminised Amnesia Haze is a sweet Sativa with a manageable height. It produces great yields and has Afghani traits that cause it to flower like an Indica. To get the most out of these plants, they need a lot of light and a higher EC level. Flowering times are longer than average, ranging from 10-13 weeks, but the reward is a product of supreme quality and an outstanding aroma.

The taste of this strain is delightful, offering a blend of lemon, incense, and cedarwood notes. Upon consumption, the effects are stimulating and energizing, giving the user a feeling of alertness.


When grown indoors, it has an 11-13 week flowering time with a yield of up to 900 g/m².


Outdoors, it can be ready by the end of October, yielding up to 1600 g/plant. It grows to be a medium tall and branchy plant.

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